Collective Social Intelligence: The Book

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Professor Jeff Jones, one of the world’s pre-eminent experts in interaction design, and founder of Collective Social Intelligence (CSI), has just finished writing his Book with the same name. It’s so good to have an expert who works with us at Foy’s, to draw from his knowledge and experience in bringing people, process and technology together with everything we do.

“The book started from logical ideas about how we can make the world better by the ways we collaborate using technology and the social forces that make humans uniquely capable of sustaining coordinated efforts. The ideas rapidly evolved in to – what will no doubt be – many books. This first one has become more personal than scientific or logical. It just felt like the right way to start.

The ideas in the book also come from knowing that connectivity is a positive force in our world with more potential that we currently use and that there is a need for us to control its influence over our lives and interactions, rather than letting it control us. This will require all of us to think more clearly about the people and groups we connect to, the more general connections we make online, and any of the ways we get linked up to each other to form the sorts of collective IQs that create value from innovation and collaboration.”

– Prof. Jeff Jones, CSI.

For more info or to buy a copy of Jeff’s Book, follow the links below:


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