In the true spirit of collaboration, ISPT has partnered with CSI to create ‘Foy’s Arcade,’ an unprecedented Experience Centre in the heart of Melbourne.

Foy’s Arcade has something for everyone:

• For our staff, it is a collaboration and Decision making Hub.

• For our Charities, a stunning, flexible Event Space.

• For our Investors a unique Member briefing location.

• For our Retailers an opportunity to Showcase and network.

• For our Commercial and Leasing teams, Foy’s Arcade becomes an Interactive tenant display

• For our Property Investment Managers Foy’ is an investment decision making data center

• and for our future partners a thought leadership hub

The question that remains to be answered is … what can Foy’s Arcade be for you?

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Meet our Team

  • Professor Jeff Jones

    Interaction Design Expert (CSI)
    P: 0477 912 904
    E: ji.jones@get-csi.com
    W: get-csi.com

  • Kristina Reynolds

    Behavioural Psychologist (CSI)
    P: 0429 514 604
    E: kristina@get-csi.com
    W: get-csi.com

  • Erin Donnellon

    Digital Delivery Manager (ISPT)
    P: 0417 184 462
    E: edonnellon@ispt.net.au
    W: ispt.net.au

  • Lucas Hunter

    Graphic Designer (ISPT)
    P: 0422 881 408
    E: lhunter@ispt.net.au
    W: ispt.net.au

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Foy’s Arcade was created by ISPT in collaboration with Collective Social Intelligence (who create colaboratories around the world) in response to the board and investors looking for something new in innovation and the future of space.

Informed by projects like “future of everything”, “future of Retail”,  “ future of Office” and coinciding with ISPT’s Digital Strategy; we want to bring ISPT to the forefront of emerging trends and technologies to provide a testbed for ideas, workshops, events and creative thinking.

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In 1932 on the corner of Swanston and Bourke Street stood the iconic Foy and Gibson department store the likes of which had never been seen, from its Roof-top Playground to the Chandelier Catwalk. Today we continue that proud tradition as we launch Foy’s Arcade, a 21st century icon of collaboration and innovation.

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