CSI Hosts 1st annual Health-in-Hand Symposium on Aged Care

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CSI sponsored the First Annual Health-in-Hand Symposium in Melbourne on August 2, 2017 At Foys Arcade featuring DR. JIM JONES and DR. LAHN STRANEY. The event was hosted in the Foy’s Arcade Collaboratory in Melbourne, which is destined to become the type of environment where Managing Healthcare Optimisation will occur as a prototype extension of CSIs work in health, home and hygiene. CSI sees …

Melbourne Fashion Week 2017 | Foy's Arcade

Tomorrowland: Melbourne Fashion Week 2017

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Friday September 8th at 8:30am to 10:30am What does the future hold for fashion design and retail – pure online, B&M, combos, selling through aggregators, or what? Welcome to an ISPT, CSI and Idea Nation collaborative event! Click Here to book. Created for Melbourne Fashion Week 2017 and to be held at ISPT‘s innovation and experience centre, Foy’s Arcade, this …

Melbourne Knowledge Week – The Future of Retail

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Thursday May 4th at 6pm. Step into a world of retail experimentation where you can immerse yourself in virtual, augmented and mixed reality.   Interact with the latest emerging technology allowing retailers to innovate and improve your shopping experience. This is your chance to experience Foy’s Arcade, a ‘collaboratory’ created by ISPT and CSI to experiment and prototype the future …