ISPT have been exploring future trends, innovations and disruptors in the property industry for a long time.

We recognised we needed a place to do this and we couldn’t go on the journey alone, so we partnered with Get-CSI who custom build multifunctional collaborative technology.

Foy’s Arcade is a one of a kind truly immersive customer experience centre.

Foy’s Arcade enables us to engage with our Customers, Investors and Partners by curating bespoke experiences. This showcases how our collaborative ecosystem promotes success… even our catering is supplied from our own retailers downstairs.

Join us on our journey as we learn, play and discover what the future holds for our industry.

In 1932 on the corner of Swanston and Bourke Street stood the iconic Foy and Gibson department store the likes of which had never been seen, from its Roof-top Playground to the Chandelier Catwalk.

We continue that proud tradition at Foy’s Arcade, aiming to be a 21st century icon of collaboration and innovation.

Meet the team

Erin Donnellon - ISPT

Erin Donnellon

Manager, Digital Delivery – ISPT

0417 184 462

Lucas Hunter

Lucas Hunter

Graphic & User Experience Designer – Get-CSI

0422 881 408

Lucas Hunter

Roman Hecht

Conference and site services coordinator – JLL

0429 551 979

Craig Casson

Craig Casson

Director, Network and Systems Architect – Get-CSI

0427 833 220