B4SI APAC Hybrid Annual Conference 2022

Foy's Arcade Events, Hybrid, Panel, Presentation, Workshop

Foy’s Arcade and ISPT were very proud to host the 2022 B4SI framing the future of social impact hybrid event recently.

The all day conference was a culmination of both onsite workshops, as well as a strong attendance by an international audience online, with a mix of guest speakers, conducting workshops throughout the day, as well as panel discussions, followed by an informative Q&A session.

Each break session had been tailor made, for each aspect of the conference, with participants able to take full advantage of each expert facilitating the workshops, each focussing on knowledge and experiences, relating to the cause and effect of business investment.

We were able to accommodate a live event with 80 people, as well as an intensive and inclusive international hybrid component to the conference. Well done the the B4SI team to pull this together, it was a long road of meticulous planning and it was a pleasure for us to assist to deliver this impactful event at Foy’s Arcade.