ISPT & RMIT Collaboration Session #2 – 13th August 2021

Foy's Arcade Workshop


ISPT and RMIT co-hosted the second collaboration session, brainstorming the implementation of RMIT student pilot projects and other concepts in potential ISPT centres by the end of 2021 and beyond. 

If you would like to catch up the collaboration session, you can watch the summary video below:

With experts supporting the session from ISPT, RMIT Spacecube and Tutch, each pilot project was analysed across different metrics for implementation using the virtual whiteboard MIRO. The pilot project “Green Tee” was highlighted as the primary candidate to be considered in ISPT centres by Christmas 2021. The other two projects “Future Forests” and “Loopy Loops” were commended for their concepts but due to current limitations would be looking to implement at a future date.

The collaboration session then split up into three virtual breakout groups workshopping the concepts of the “Ministry of Loneliness”,  “Distributed University” and “Click & Collect, Green Tee, Charity upcycling activation.” The breakout groups presented their ideas where they discussed implementation and its effect on the chosen centre, features to be included, companies to partner with, and how to begin piloting the “Green Tee” concept.

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