ISPT & RMIT Collaboration Session – 28th June 2021.

Foy's Arcade Events, Workshop


The collaboration session took place on the 28th of June 2021 at Foy’s Arcade, Melbourne, CBD. This was a two-hour session with 16 participants, including facilitators.

The session was divided into three main phases. The first phase was a round of introductions where ISPT explained the meeting context, and a member from each company introduced their organisation and colleagues. Secondly, the RMIT Digital Media students presented their concepts, followed by the third phase, which included a collaborative design workshop led by RMIT. The session ended with a group discussion where all participants shared comments and ideas that emerged during the experience

The collaboration session allowed students to work with industry experts from different areas to explore novel hybrid solutions for creative community engagement. This session also provided space for all participants to understand better the expectations, values and potential benefits we can all share through this and future collaborations

Earlier in the year, Marcus Hanlon, Cameron Gregson, Jay Norden and other members of the ISPT team attended critiques and final presentations of the Bachelor of Design (Digital Media) students enrolled in a studio class with Deb Polson and Carla Amaral at RMIT University. The students’ brief was to design pilot concepts for semi-permanent structures in public places that encouraged more inclusive and novel interactions. The ISPT representatives present in the final presentation panel identified three projects that they were keen to support and help develop. They then invited the students who created the selected projects to present and workshop the concepts with ISPT leaders and their industry partners Tutch and Spacecube in a collaboration session.

Thank you again to RMIT for hosting their awesome workshop at Foy’s Arcade. Can’t wait to see ISPT and RMIT collaborate more ideas within the future.  For more photos of the event please check out our Facebook and Instagram pages.