Content Creator’s Studio at Foy’s

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Foys Arcade have been busy hosting hybrid workshops and events. 

Each hybrid event is unique and brings different opportunities to incorporate virtual components to any workshop and event.

With many of us choosing to be on the safe side and working remotely, sometimes events become primarily virtual, with only key staff members on-site for workshops and events. This converts Foy’s Arcade into something like a “Content Creator Studio” where hundreds of people can attend online and see key decision makers at foys presenting, facilitating workshop sessions and using the wonderful mobile video conferencing technology to engage with their audience from anywhere within Foy’s.

Late 2021, we hosted the global B4SI (Business for Social Impact) Annual Conference, which incorporated many of our hybrid event features. Using our large screens and media wall, displaying the event graphics and sponsor logos. The backdrop media visualizes the scenery/atmosphere like it was a newsroom/studio.

Our Mobile video conferencing screens together with lighting equipment are used and placed in front of the presenters, as a teleprompter. Having this feature was a great addition, as it was used to script edit which made it easy for the presenter to interact with the zoom audience.

It only required one assistant to control the screen content while the presenters’ were free to speak uninterrupted. 

Foy’s Arcade is spacious, with different zones which can be used for many different aspects of an event/workshop. While the presentation area/s are used, the other zones/spaces within Foy’s were used for rehearsals off-camera. An example,  workshop breakout groups, which were pre-assigned and all the collaborative content ready to go on each machine/equipment.

Throughout the entire event, there was end-to-end IT support to make sure the virtual experience ran smoothly, appropriate cameras were spotlighted, registered attendees were admitted, Q&A questions answered and video or presentation content was preloaded and queued up for seamless transitions.

The Foy’s team will assist with the post-event video recording for those who aren’t able to attend and can watch online, anytime. 

The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive, with many commenting about the professional feel and newsroom experience. The previous years event was hosted in their home offices so it was a impactful change to bring the event into foys. With combined effort and rehearsing with the Foy’s team, creating the program to suit the content creator studio format, the event was well worth the time to make it successful. 

Foy’s Arcade is entering a new era, with growing interest in utilising our customer experience centre as a content creation studio capturing a broader audience, participating from anywhere. 

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