Fitted for Work and SMAART Recruitment – Personal Brand Workshop with Ruby Lee

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On Friday August 3rd we hosted one of our favourite charities Fitted for Work and their partners SMAART Recruitment as they invited in speaker Ruby Lee to talk about developing a personal brand!

Ruby Lee opened up with her amazing story of how she quit her job in the HR industry after 12 years to pursue her side hustle full time and how it developed into the thriving business she has today. Even though the workshop brought together two organisations, it’s main focus was on developing individual personal brand, outside of each attendees job titles and workplace!

After a brief intro, Ruby Lee got the attendees to stand up and divided the room asking simple questions such as who has lived overseas, who enjoys video games and finally who is confident with their personal brand – out of a group of roughly 35 – only 3 were sure of their personal brand!

So what is personal brand? Ruby Lee explained it as beginning with knowing your values and ending with your storytelling powers. Summed up? Your personal brand is how others would describe you when you are not in the room!

And how do people know Ruby Lee? Through her ‘Side Hustles Personal Brand Energy’!

She encouraged the group to document their journeys of personal brand through videos and explained to us how she made 100k in 100 days through organic growth on LinkedIn. Personal brand also covers how you will help others: whether it is inspiration, support etc – with Ruby Lee serving her online family through Live Streams, Behind the Scenes Footage and Podcasts.

Fears, doubts and insecurities within ourselves are of massive significance in personal brand, so Ruby Lee threw participants in the deep end asking everyone to pair up with the most unfamiliar person to them in the room and take part in a ‘Personal Brand Reality Check’ – this meant talking to a stranger about a topic you are really passionate about.

Next, pairs teamed up with a second pair and relayed the info they were just told by their partner, and the rest of the group makes observations on their personal brand. Talk about daunting!

Following this, Ruby Lee divided our participants into their respective organisations, (FFW and SMAART) and had each group come up with questions about brand and identity of each company. Note: A LOT of laughs were had but some great questions came up to do with identifying points of difference as a corporation, how success is measured and what defines workplace culture.

The last activity involved taking everything covered in the workshop and getting each organisation to divide into groups and create a video for LinkedIn answering one of the questions they had just been asked. She gave them video style options – formal, informal, entertaining – and told the participants to have fun with it!

Ruby Lee stressed the importance of utilising channels such as LinkedIn as the videos can earn you $$$ and most importantly is a great way to get your personal brand out there!

We would like to thank Fitted for Work and SMAART Recruitment again for having their workshop at Foy’s Arcade – with a big shout out to Ruby Lee for facilitating an entertaining, informative and engaging session. You can connect with Ruby Lee on LinkedIn to see her journey through her videos and blogs – and Ruby we apologise in advance for not including a video summary like we promised – Foy’s is having a bad hair day! 

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