GriffithHack Firmwide Offsite at Foy’s Arcade

Foy's Arcade Events, Hybrid, Workshop

One of the largest workshops we have hosted this year was GriffithHack, an informative and fun event, with a full day of presentations, breakout groups and discussions with management and team leaders. 

The hybrid boardroom sessions featured a number of well known guest speakers, experts in research, innovation and intellectual property. Each shared a unique view on where technology and client needs and requirements intertwine in today’s legal and corporate world.

A fulfilling perspective on how clients feature in the grand scheme of how Griffith Hack can best attend to the client experience can be best served, as the firm deals with revolving issues,  business of the firm, and how the legal business has changed, over the past twenty years, and how to maintain a work/life balance.

We observed large plenary presentations followed by simultaneous, rotating breakout groups, where the Griffith Hack team were required to focus on finding balanced solutions, between taking calculated risks, when it comes to client expectations, and how the firm deals with the realities. With all aspects of IP business in the legal industry, the aspects of what can be achieved and the challenges each member of the Griffith Hack team will need to deal with, was the overall outcome of the day.

It’s great to see so many people back in the city, some meeting each other for the first time.

Managing the physical logistics of such a large workshop was very challenging but well worth the effort and it was great to see Foy’s Arcade used in such a versatile, well-rounded format.