PCA Industry’s Future in Today’s Data

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ISPT were proud to welcome back members of the Property Council of Australia at Foy’s Arcade for an insightful and thought provoking evening once again. This time we set out to improve the vision for the property industry into our shared future. We heard from such luminaries such as Grant Holman, FT&I, Lucinda Hartley and Callan Cameron, what a fantastic night!

The event was a great opportunity for members to reconnect with one another face to face, press the flesh and conduct valuable meet and greet sessions after a long hiatus, due to the pandemic, as well as a chance for many, to meet those new to the industry.

ISPT and its partners, were excited to host such an important event, and to allow the PCA, the opportunity to welcome a long list of special guests, to share knowledge and experiences on how the industry has changed over the past year or so, the impact of recent events in the financial markets, as well the global impacts felt in the industry, from both a local and international perspective.

The event also looked at recent developments facing the property sector, in particular, the local and national impact of the property market, and what Initiatives the council is undertaking, regarding the coming year ahead.

The highlight of the night would have to be the panel discussion, with Lucinda Hartley and Callan Cameron, hosted by Grant Holman. This gave all who were in attendance, a greater understanding of what Lucinda and Callan had been working on, as well as the valuable opportunity to participate in a Q&A session and fire side chat, which was a wonderful way for the audience to participate and get involved.

Once again, Foy’s Arcade provided the perfect venue for such an event, and allowed the presenters to take full advantage of the amazing space, presenting a wide range of data on our large screens for visual impact, having heated discussion and enjoying networking afterward.

We look forward to seeing everyone again in the near future!