Roman, Foy’s New Site Coordinator

Foy's Arcade Info

It is with great pleasure, that I introduce myself as the newest member of the Foy’s Arcade team.

Over my journey, I have worn many hats, primarily in the legal industry, and have been able to stretch my comfort zone, branching out into other areas, such as guest relations, hospitality, tourism and customer service.

Most recently, I had been working in the disability support sector, as and academic support and liaison officer, where I was able to make valuable contributions, to those in the community that face many challenges.

I have always a possessed a can-do attitude, in every aspect of my life, I have a solid appreciation for the finer things in life, Good food, great music, (Jazz in particular) classic cinema and cooking, are some of my passions.

My mantra has always been to embrace life in every aspect, and to appreciate new challenges.