Search Commercial Data Driven Strategy Evening

Foy's Arcade Events, Networking, Presentation, Technology

We recently hosted the Search Commercial Data Driven Strategy Evening event at Foy’s Arcade. There has been major growth to Search commercial since we saw them last year, not only in features of the platform but in the size of the company and the number of attendees at this year’s event.

We enjoyed live demonstrations of a variety of applications including historical imaging, infrastructure and future planning, big-data and customisable dataset overlays onto specific areas, in this case over the ISPT shopping centre – Barkley Square – as a case study. It was fantastic to see visualisations of such complex data up on our huge screens. 

Some of the questions or concerns that arose from this was around privacy of personal data, and regulations around the gathering and range of utilisations of these data sets for purposes that are most likely unknown to the users themselves. However, the data, in this case, is used to make detailed decisions for the benefit of the customers going through the asset which was quite eye-opening.

After the detailed presentations from the property data experts we enjoyed some networking and live demonstrations of the capabilities of the app, however most were enthralled by views of their own suburbs or houses and going back in time about a decade when the imagery would have been taken.

We can’t wait to see how the tools are used to answer new and innovative questions throughout the property sector, and looking forward to the next big event here at Foy’s!