Welcome back to Foy's

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Welcome back to Foy's

Read the Brochure

Inspire your audience

Foy’s Arcade is an Experience Centre purpose-built by ISPT to serve our investors, customers and partners. For those who have not visited Foy’s Arcade we now offer guided virtual tours!

Welcome to Foy’s Arcade where you and your team can meet in a safe, secure, clean environment while accessing technology support and design curation assistance for displaying your content from experts working remotely.

Our remote assistance provides real time support... think of us like the Wizard behind the curtain in Oz! All you need to focus on is planning your agenda and we can efficiently assist hosting your meetings either in-person or virtual workshops, tours and assistance hosting Microsoft Teams or Zoom livestream events.

Foy’s Arcade remote assistance currently supports Microsoft Office including Microsoft Teams, Google G-Suite of Tools, Zoom, Skype and other popular platforms.

Stay Safe at Foys

  • Please keep 1.5m apart while you wait in the lobby, lift and common areas.

  • Please check-in using the QR code upon entry.

  • Please wash or sanitise your hands when you enter and exit the space.

  • Please wear a facemask while you are in the space.


Physical or Virtual event assistance

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Physical event at Foy's Arcade

All attendees physically present in the space.
We are constantly monitoring updates from the Victorian Government.

Due to possible restrictions for your event, our staff are also able to support your event remotely so we do not make up your event numbers.

  • On-site event support

  • Remote event support

Partially Virtual Event

If some attendees are physically present at Foy's Arcade and some are attending via video conference, we have two mobile video conference screens which can move around the space so you can enable your virtual attendees to join in your workshop or event.

  • On-site event support

  • Remote event support

Completely Virtual Event

If a physical event is out of the question the Foy's team are able to support a virtual event over Microsoft Teams or Zoom. We are able to assist with content creation and marketing materials for use before and during the event.

  • Remote support for technology logistics and hosting

  • Basic marketing materials to promote your event

  • One presentation for use during your event

Our team is committed to supporting your event or workshop in person or remotely.

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