Women in Super: Make Super Fair Policy Launch 2017

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Foy’s Arcade was delighted to host Women in Super’s Make Super Fair policy launch on Monday Evening (11/9/17).

Our canapé reception drew over 100 attendees to support speakers Cate Wood and Robbie Campo leading the discussion on the super gap.

Cate Wood opened providing the facts on the current Superannuation Gap between men and women, concluding that the sad reality is that Women retire with just over half the superannuation as their male counterparts.

Robbie Campo delved deeper into the proposed policy by Women in Super which hopes to see a 14.7% increase in total superannuation balance for women aged 25 earning $25,000 per to reach $232,347 (as opposed to the current $205,201).

For more details of the proposed policy please visit: http://makesuperfair.com.au/

Photos of the event will be shared on the Foy’s Arcade Facebook page.

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