Young Industry Leaders Networking Forum 5/7/18

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Here at Foy’s we are still reeling from excitement from last Thursday’s Networking Forum hosted by the Australian Property Institute (API), Young Property Professionals (YPP) and & Property Industry Foundation (PIF). This event has been in the work’s for a while and was a great success and a fun evening all round.

Jazmin Poyser and Evan Browning

Our lovely MC Erin opened for the night introducing Jazmin Poyser of YPP and Evan Browning of PIF who were the Representatives of the evening. Jazmin gave a brief overview of the events theme – Innovation and Technology in Property and Evan highlighted some of the amazing charitable activities you can get involved with through PIF, helping to reduce homelessness across Australia. If you’re interested in finding out more, you can check out PIF’s initiatives here.

Next, Erin introduced our panellists for the night, Sam Curry of ISPT, Professor Jeff Jones of Collective Social Intelligence (CSI) and Zelman Ainsworth of CBRE.

Sam Curry of ISPT

Sam was first to take the mic – focusing on Foy’s Arcade itself as well as the retail sector as a whole. He discussed why ISPT decided to take a risk and build Foy’s Arcade, and how it evolved from the original concept into the innovate space it is today. He also highlighted how the nature of retail is evolving and the need for landlords such as ISPT to do more in order to attract and retain tenants, and work with them to establish and achieve their goals. Some examples of this are ‘test environments’ that have been seen in Nike’s flagship store, meaning you can try on your trainers and test them on a basketball field within the store. Another example is Pirch, an upscale appliance retailer that lets you test their shower heads… by taking a shower in them.

Jeff Jones of CSI (right)

Jeff Jones of CSI followed on from Sam explaining how they were involved in the creation of Foy’s Arcade in order to make it ‘smart’. If you have been to Foy’s Arcade, you can see what Jeff means as every zone within the space is meticulously planned out with different features to maximise the use of space, and seamless technology to interact with. Jeff also stressed the importance of finding a way to maintain the social connection in cooperation with technology, because despite all the tech advances – ‘good things come from people in the same place at the same time.’ He finished up with a demonstration of CSI’s Blutrak technology and their Microsoft Hololens which attendees could try out during the event.

Zelman Ainsworth of CBRE

Zelman finished the talks with how retail is changing in a business form, speaking about multi-channel versus omni-channel and the drivers behind omni-channel retail. He also emphasised the importance of landlords using and understanding data in order to better match their tenants to space, introducing a tracking software being utilised to identify the busiest streets in the Melbourne CBD. He concluded with his thoughts on the future of retail – being ‘on-demand’ delivery, focus on innovation, tech and data analytics to drive a better customer experience in stores.

To round up the evenings formalities, we had an open Q&A with our speakers and Erin announced the raffle winner of an original Baby Guerilla Print, with the proceeds going to PIF. We then broke out for some drinks and canapes, as well as a chance for attendees to play around with the technology within Foy’s.

Thank you again to API, YPP and PIF for hosting your fantastic event at Foy’s, speaking about property, place and technology is what we’re all about! For more photos of the event by our go to guy Brent Edwards, please check out our Facebook Page.

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